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Introducing Splashy Trousers!

Something I have been working on for a while has been waterproof trouser/dungas. My original idea was to make these in a custom print fabric, however, I couldn't find a printer who could produce the print onto my desired fabric. As the idea of waterproof trousers wasn't something I was prepared to let go of just yet, I decided to make some in plain fabrics and add funky detailing. I'm also still looking for a printer who can offer custom prints on my desired fabric for future Splashy Trousers.

I found the fabric I wanted in a beautiful antique grey and sunny yellow and set to work designing! I love yellow but decided to use it on these as an accent and not the main colour.

For the fit, I wanted a high-waist trouser with elastic braces; something that would last a while and could be worn with the bib at chest height to start with and waist height when at maximum size. I found a gorgeous, sunny yellow, wide elastic for the braces and some chunky plastic buckles for easy changing.

The pocket detailing is possibly my favourite part! A flap pocket with cloud applique, but flip it up and underneath is the sunshine!


Wide elastic straps with plastic buckles and adjuster bars. This elastic is super soft and comfy and in a gorgeous sunny yellow.

Secret sunshine on flap pocket. The perfect place for storing treasures (a.k.a leaves, sticks and special rocks)

Sunny yellow facing at the bib

Felled seams. These make sure the seams are waterproof as well as durable and neat.

Poppers at hem for narrowing the ankle - useful for when tucking into wellies or keeping closer to the leg when over shoes/boots. (and of course, they're yellow!)

For more information, and to shop the Splashy Trousers, click here

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