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love this top - deep in the depths of my Granny's fabric stash I found these pieces of chambray fabric, already cut into large pieces (by the look of the hems, I think they were shirts that were probably cut up to use the fabric from later!) and after a lot of cutting and stitching to create a piece of patchwork fabric, I made them into this absolutely gorgeous top! The fabrics go beautifully together and I love the detail of that little dark blue square on the front - a pure bit of luck from how the pattern piece fit onto the fabric. 

I'd say that the up close photo of the elastic cuff shows the lightest fabric colour best.  It's got that bit of warmth to the tone. 


This top is long-sleeved and has an open yoke at the front with no fastening so is lovely for layering and easy for self-dressing!


3-4y (up to height 103cm)

There was no content label in this, I imagine it's cotton.


Part of Lizziebug Recycled 2.0.  A collection of items made from adult clothing that's no longer wearable.  In a bid to cut down on textile waste (as these garments would not be reusable), I take the best parts and re-work them into gorgeous and totally unique kid's clothes! Please note that the nature of these pieces being recycled from worn adult clothing means that there may be tiny imperfections - these will be barely noticable and won't affect the quality of the item.  

Chambray Patch Top 3-4y

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