6-9m tee in Coral Pups, Fire Engines and Cats in Hats, finished off with a coral pink neckband and cuffs



The patch tees are all in my baggy fit style. The perfect cosy, loose, throw over a vest or wear by itself tee. Because of this, they last for ages! My nearly 15mo nephew fits in 12-18m comfortably with loads of room to grow (he wears 2-3y in RTW).



You know the whole 'when life gives you lemons' thing, well here at Lizziebug it's 'when life reminds you that you've got boxes of fabric scraps that are too small for anything else, make patchwork tees'

As you may already know, Lizziebug is a zero-waste business and my little scraps and thread cuttings usually get sent to another small business who uses them for zero-waste cushion stuffing. I use slightly bigger scraps for my reusables range of face wipes, breast pads and cloths; but what about those pieces that are odd shapes and sizes? Well, until a few weeks ago they were sat in boxes on my shelves. So I decided to sort them into bundles and stitch them together to make Patch Tees! I have loved doing this - working out all the different combos, laying out the scraps to work out how to piece them together and then that moment when you sew it up and turn it out the right way is just *chef's kiss*

It's zero-waste-good-for-the-planet-but-also-looks-super-cool fashion and it's kind of my speciality ;) !



All of the patches were sewn together on my overlocker, then the seams were pressed flat and topstitched so that there's no loose seams to irritate on the inside (the shoulder, sleeve and side seams are overlocked as usual and not topstitched). The overlocking plus topstitching also gives extra durability to the seams!


Fire Trucks, Pups and Cats in Hats 6-9m