Kaleidoscope trousers! Hand-dyed by me using the ice dye method.

These trousers are possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever created! I am OBSESSED with all of the colours! You, and the little one will spend hours staring at the colours and the gorgeous patterns they make.

The PERFECT trousers and a new item to my shop this year! Only a few pairs available in this style as I only dyed a small amount of fabric. No two pairs are the same, each one is completely unique!

I have one ready to ship pair left in 3-6m (labelled in the pics) and enough fabric to make just one more pair.

This gorgeous fabric is lightweight so perfect for keeping little ones covered but cool on sunny days. The trousers are a relaxed fit so would work with tights layered underneath if you wanted to wear them for Spring and Autumn as well! 3 season trousers! They're also super comfy and give lots of room for movement (having followed my niece around crawling on the floor I can say for sure that there's no way these will restrict any movement!)

Unisex. Comfy. Cool but covered. Amazing colours.

These trousers are a new style to my shop for 2019 - made from Seersucker fabric (100% Cotton) - I've made them with a SUPER elasticated waist with lots of lines of stitching, making for a really comfy, flexible waistline. The relaxed fit is perfect for those cloth nappy bums! What's fantastic about these trousers is that they will last a long time! Buy a few sizes up and wear now with the cuffs rolled up and a super baggy look, then unravel the cuffs as little one grows. *And they look SUPER cute with the cuffs rolled up!*

For reference - the modelled picture shows a pair of 9-12m trousers on my 8 month old niece. You can see the cuffs are rolled up so they'll last her a long while (she's just turned 1 year and is still wearing them, with more room to grow) and she could have worn them from a lot earlier as the waistband stretches and relaxes to fit a wide size-range.

**The sizes listed are the maximum size those trousers will fit. For example, if you bought a pair of 12-18m, the trousers will actually fit from A LOT earlier (due to the elastic waist) but will be at their maximum stretch and full length at age 18m. The fit is relaxed, so even at 18m they will fit comfortably, meaning little one can rock these for a long time (and you save a bit of money from not having to keep buying new trousers for ever-growing kids!). If you have any questions about sizing, or would like a size other than those listed then please drop me a message!

If you'd like an ice dye done specifically for you then drop me a message here to discuss options! Maybe you fancy a different colourway, or a different fabric/item?

Kaleidoscope Trousers - Ice Dyed

  • I send my UK orders as First Class Signed For with Royal Mail and International orders are sent Tracked & Signed. If you would like a different option please message me for a quote. All orders are wrapped in tissue paper so can be sent straight to the recipient if buying as a gift. I use cardboard boxes with paper tape for UK orders, making the packaging 100% recyclable (although please reuse if you can!). International orders are wrapped in tissue paper and then popped into a plastic mailing bag to keep them safe and dry on their travels.

  • Turn inside out when washing to keep the print nice and fresh.  Wash at 30 and do not tumble dry.