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Denim trews made from a pair of denim trews - groundbreaking!  I joke, but it's the simplicity of these that I love.  A fab pair of light blue trousers in a soft denim with an elasticated waist for comfort and ease of dressing! And, because I can't leave anything completely plain, they have a super cute candy stripe binding at the hem.  These would look cute rolled up as well so perfect if you like to buy big!


These were actually a pair of my jeans and I LOVED them (we all know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans) but, due to laziness, a small (fixable) hole on the bum, turned into a massive (unfixable) rip.  When I tell you I was mad at myself!  But it's a win now because they've made the cutest pair of trews for a little one to enjoy. 



There was no content label in this but I imagine they're cotton.


Part of Lizziebug Recycled 2.0.  A collection of items made from adult clothing that's no longer wearable.  In a bid to cut down on textile waste (as these garments would not be reusable), I take the best parts and re-work them into gorgeous and totally unique kid's clothes! Please note that the nature of these pieces being recycled from worn adult clothing means that there may be tiny imperfections - these will be barely noticable and won't affect the quality of the item.  

Light Blue Jeans 2-3y

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