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Because if you can't go kissing people under the mistletoe this year, then you may as well take them with you wherever you go!


Lizziebug Christmas masks are in a fitted style and come lined, with open sides so that you can add a disposable filter if needed.  The ties are made from white jersey. The great thing about jersey ties is that they're much softer and kinder on your ears than thinner elastic.  They're also zero waste because I use strips cut from my offcuts!


Sizes listed are adults - if you'd like other sizes please drop me a message!


The ties will be sent untied for you to adjust to fit.  Simply work out how long you need the ear loops, tie a double knot and either leave ends or trim and pull round until knot is enclosed within the mask.  If you'd like the ties long enough to tie around the head, as opposed to ears then please get in touch!


The perfect gift - these masks will come wrapped in tissue paper and sent in a cardboard postal box making them a perfect gift! Send direct to your bestie/aunt/neighbour/dog walker as an early Christmas present! You can even add a little festive note - just pop the details in when you check out or drop me an email along with your order number.


If you'd like more info on sizing or a size not listed then please drop me a message here


Two for £17 offer!  Buy two masks together for a discount!  These can be two matching or one of each of my designs!  Simply use the code maskbundle at checkout and the discount will be applied. 


Re: Nose Wire Channel

If you choose the 'with channel' option, it will come with the channel for the wire but NOT with wire included.  You can use any bendable wire for these masks - floristry wire, garden wire, even pipe cleaners - just thread it through, and don't forget to remove the wire before washing!

It is recommended that you wash your mask before wearing it for the first time. 

Mistletoe Face Covering

  • This is a non-medical grade face covering and is intended for light wear - it does not guarantee zero chance of infection.