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So sweet! These trousers were made from three pairs of trousers! (check out the neapolitan dungas to see what else I got out of the same trews - no waste here!) I'd stacked the trousers together to move them and then saw how fab the colours went with each other and immediately thought of neapolitan ice cream! Naturally I then had to embroider some ice creams onto the back pockets!


These trousers have an elastic waist for easy changing and the knee seams have been stitched flat for comfort.



100% cotton (all trousers were 100% cotton but all have lovely different qualities)


Part of Lizziebug Recycled 2.0.  A collection of items made from adult clothing that's no longer wearable.  In a bid to cut down on textile waste (as these garments would not be reusable), I take the best parts and re-work them into gorgeous and totally unique kid's clothes! Please note that the nature of these pieces being recycled from worn adult clothing means that there may be tiny imperfections - these will be barely noticable and won't affect the quality of the item.  

Neapolitan Ice Cream Trews 4-5y

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