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My latest Christmas print!

The Cats in Hats have put on their party gear and they're ready for some festivities in this long-sleeved tee with cuffs.

Featuring my popular Cats in Hats print but with a festive twist - the cats sit on a minty background giving it that perfect Wintery look.   The orange/white cuffs and mint/white* neckband have that candy cane vibe without being  Christmassy!

*don't worry about the stripes not being even on the neckband - this was a sample tee and I had an exactly right size piece of ribbing that I didn't want to waste!  All orders will have the stripes even on the neckband and cuffs!

If you would like to pay in installments to spread the cost then please send me a message here

Cats in Christmas Hats Tee