The newest part of my zero waste/reusables range!


These reusable face wipes are roughly 7cm diameter and come in packs of 10.  They comprise of two layers* that have been stitched together and then finished with pinking shears.


*the two layers consist of an upper layer - made from offcuts from orders and a base layer (the side that you put against your skin) of either cotton double gauze or cotton jersey.  Both base layer options are also from offcuts from my sewing/orders making these not just zero waste in their usage but also their construction!  You can find out more about my fabric scrap usage here!


Choose double gauze if you want softness with a little bit of texture (I like using these ones with my toner) and cotton jersey if you want a smoother feel.









Reusable Face Wipe

SKU: 10
  • These are sent Second Class and will be wrapped in either recycled packaging or brown paper.