Lizziebug Recycled Collection

Made from a pair of joggers


Created from the legs of a pair of joggers that I'd turned into shorts, these trousers are a lovely warm stone colour.  Due to the age of this fabric (the original joggers are at least a decade old!) the inside of this fabric has lost some of the original softness, this doesn't affect the wear/durability of the item.

Part of the Lizziebug Recycled collection : a selection of items made by recycling adults clothing into pieces for little ones! Every original item was unrepairable/unwearable, by taking the best bits of the fabric and using them to make gorgeous new one-off pieces for tiny humans!  All remaining scraps get turned into reusable wipes/zero waste cushion stuffing - for more information on the circular nature of Lizziebug check out my Sustainability section.

Stone Joggers

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