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Where do I begin with these?! This fabric! One of the vintage kids fabrics from 50s / 60s that I found in my Granny's stash!  I saw this and immediately thought dungas! I can't tell you how much I love these! I can guarantee you won't find another pair like them! 


We've got poppers on the inside leg for nappy changing, ribbing cuffs (which are full so just slip baby's foot through) to keep the legs up and poppers on the straps with two rows for adjusting as little one grows. 



no content label on the fabric obviously but I imagine it's cotton (it could be polycotton but I think it's unlikely)


Part of Lizziebug Recycled 2.0.  A collection of items made from adult clothing that's no longer wearable.  In a bid to cut down on textile waste (as these garments would not be reusable), I take the best parts and re-work them into gorgeous and totally unique kid's clothes! Please note that the nature of these pieces being recycled from worn adult clothing means that there may be tiny imperfections - these will be barely noticable and won't affect the quality of the item.  

Vintage Dogs Dungas 9-12m