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Styling your Lizziebug Dungas - 7 (and a half!) ways to wear them

Children in dungas (dungarees for those not in the know!) are possibly the CUTEST thing. Hardwearing, layer-able, long-lasting, they're pretty much the best item of clothing ever! Buy big and wear with the hems rolled up, then as little one grows, lengthen the straps and unroll the legs (then pass onto another little one to repeat the cycle!)

I've decided to create a little guide for you on a few different ways to style your dungas. I have a few different styles in my shop (check them out here) from popper fastening, ties or classic buckles. And if you have a specific style in mind, just shoot me a message to discuss custom order options.

1. Layer with a jumper for cool weather cosiness

2. Pair with a funky tee for that statement look

3. Or go all out matching like this Popcorn combo!

4. Why not request some custom embroidery to your little one's dungas?

5. Cotton dungas are a super cute way to carry the trend through to the warmer months

5 1/2. Or go for a cotton but with a full lining

6. Layer up with a tee and jacket for when the weather is changeable

7. And finally, you can't go wrong with corduroy - hard-wearing, warm, timeless (and the contrast bib lining is always my favourite bit!)

So there you have it, 7 and a half ways to wear Lizziebug dungas! The possibilities are (almost) endless and remember, if you have something in mind that you don't see in my shop, just pop me a message to discuss custom orders.

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