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All of my UK orders are sent in cardboard boxes/reused packaging where applicable and wrapped in tissue paper so are fully recyclable.  International orders are sent in plastic mailing bags in order to keep them safe in their travels (once I have run out of my current batch of bags I'll be getting compostable mailers for international orders) handmade children's clothes

Fabric offcuts

Like a lot of people I really hate waste - and this is especially so when it comes to fabric!  The idea of throwing fabric scraps (no matter how small) in the bin fills me with dread.  So at Lizziebug, no fabric is wasted - not even the thread ends!  There are four stages of scrap fabric usage :

1. The biggest scraps are used for my reusable wipes/cloths - available here

2. Smaller scraps are used for reusable breast pads - available here

3. Even smaller scraps get made into reusable face/make up remover wipes - available here

4. The smallest scraps and thread ends get sent to another small business, who then uses them as zero waste cushion filling!

Reusable Wipes
Reusable Breast Pads
Reusable Face Wipes
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