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Lizziebug Second Hand gives you the chance to give your little one's fave Lizziebug pieces a new lease of life in just four easy steps!


Once your little one has outgrown their fave Lizziebug clothes, pop them back in the post to me


I then check them over and give any refreshing needed

You're sent a voucher to use against a future Lizziebug purchase



1 - 2 items = £5

3 - 5 items = £10

5+ items = £15

please see T&C at bottom of page


leggings = £5

tees = £7

dungarees = £15

*please note these are rough prices to give an indication of second hand price points 

I'll pop the refreshed items back on sale so that they can be loved again! These will be resold at a much reduced price point, making them accessible to most budgets.

= less waste!

The idea of Lizziebug Second Hand is to reduce fabric/clothing waste as well as making Lizziebug clothing accessible to most budgets.  Items resold will be in good condition (see T&Cs below) and the benefit of sending them back to me is that I will have checked them over/given a refresh before popping back on sale; so you know that you can expect the same good quality Lizziebug that you get when buying new.  By keeping the resell prices low, and giving vouchers to those who send items back, Lizziebug Second Hand is not a scheme I aim to make a profit from (in fact it's bottom of the list in terms of reasons to do this!)  Sometimes, you may have Lizziebug pieces that have been too well-loved to be resold (especially if they've already been handed down amongst siblings!).  As the first reason to start Lizziebug Second Hand is to cut down on fabric/clothing waste, items that aren't in a condition to be resold can still be sent back to Lizziebug HQ.  They will then be cut up for repurposing as reusable wipes, breast pads, or face wipes.  The elastic in leggings can often be reused and any leftover fabric scraps will be used as zero waste cushion filling (see sustainability page)  In this case you will be given a voucher for free postage off your next order.  Occasionally I may offer a larger voucher amount for a single item if that item can be resold at a higher price (corduroy jackets, splashy trousers).  The re-sell price for these items however will still be in keeping with the rest of the Lizziebug Second Hand range.

T&Cs : 1. items returned must be in good sellable condition (stitching faults, slight fabric bobbling/fading and small holes on knees are acceptable) 2. voucher will be sent once items have been returned and checked over, if there are any issues to prevent the set voucher amount being given I shall contact you to work out an agreement 3. postage for returned items will be paid by the sender 4. vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash 5. face masks and reusable wipes/pads/cloths are not accepted

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