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Introducing my new HAPPY BIRTHDAY reusable bunting! Something to bring out each year (I'm thinking until little one is at least 21!) to brighten up any party. 

And even better? It's in a new exclusive print, designed by me! Featuring some of your fave farm animals, in party mode (the fluffy coo is my favourite!) - I'm planning to bring out other party pieces in this print, but if you've got a special request then please feel free to drop me an email (I'm thinking tablecloths, tees, reusable party bags?)



With lining this cute, why hide it! The bunting can be flipped over when not used for birthdays!

There are currently four options to choose from - just select the one you'd like from the drop down menu.



Please note that the string colour may change depending on what's available.  

The bunting will be sent on two strings as pictured (one for HAPPY, one for BIRTHDAY), but if you'd prefer it on one string, then please just pop a note at checkout!


Made from 100% cotton calico and printed in the UK

Birthday Bunting

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