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PANGOLINS!!! I mean, who DOESN'T want a snood with pangolins on? And what makes them even better? Their funky, 80s ski-suit vibe background!! A match made in heaven!


These snoods are ridiculously cosy, you won't want to take them off (tbh I wear mine around the house as well as outside!) - lined with

100% Cotton fleece and with all seams enclosed for ultimate comfort! (and it also makes them reversible!)


Each snood has a lil Lizziebug label on the back that's sewn into the seam. The fleecey lining has a stitch line where this is sewn on


Available in ADULTS and KIDS - sizing is unisex so no excuses not to buy one for the whole family!


the last two photos show the label placement and adult / kids sizing difference

Pangolins Snood

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