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My reusable wipes just got handier! 


Thought up after being caught out when I'd forgotten to pick up a reusable wipe for a trip out to get ice cream. There was peanut butter, there was chocolate ice cream, there was only baby wipes....!  So I thought, wouldn't it be great if I had a pack of smaller wipes, for out and and about, and in their own little bag!


The pack includes :

+ two wipes - smaller than the standard reusables (see last pic), but still a great size *

+ a neoprene bag, with strap for attaching to bags, pushchairs etc.


please note, the bag will hold the standard size wipes as well!


And the greatest thing about these wipes? I decided not to worry about making the wipes a standard size *so each pack may contain wipes of different sizes.  This means that I can use up the fabric + towelling scraps that are too small / too odd a shape for the standard wipes. Which means more fabric being reused, and less going into my 'small scraps to use as stuffing' box!  Yay!


Also, the neoprene is something that I bought yearsss ago, to make bags for the splashy trousers (and never did), so it's great that I can use that now as well!



Whilst these wipes can be used dry, it's better if they're wet.  When out and about, either run them under a tap (if there's one around!) or pour a little water on them.  After use, rinse out (if poss) and then pop them back into the bag, which should keep them secure and stop the rest of your bag getting wet / dirty! 

Reusable wipes can be thrown in the washing machine (for smaller wipes, you may want to use a garment wash bag), but I like to rinse mine out each time, and then only wash in the machine when they're really grubby! 



un-branded bag in photos was tester, all bags will carry the Lizziebug logo on the front

Travel Reusable Wipes + Bag

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